Leadership - MR. M. A. MUNIM



  • Student Life Politics and leadership:
  • During his college life he served twice as a President of Chatra League in Sylhet Government College (MC) and twice elected GS (general secretary) of Bangladesh Chatra League, Sylhet District Branch.
  • Sylhet Division Formation Campaign & University establishment campaign leader :
  • In 1977-1981 he played a leading role in the establishment of the – Sylhet Division and – a University in Sylhet.
  • BCA and Curry Industry Leadership :
  • In 1999, Mr Munim was elected as President of the Bangladesh Caterers Association’s South East Region.
  • From 2004-2006 he served as Senior Vice-President of the BCA central committee,from 2007-2012 held the role of Organising Secretary of BCA.
  • Mr Munim also held the responsibility of the convener of the 2011 Annual Dinner and Awards ceremony.
  • In 2012 he was elected Secretary General of BCA.
  • Community and Social Leadership :
  • Mr Munim is socially very active in his local community, played a leading role in establishing a Masjid in Crayford, and is currently serving as Secretary of the North West Kent Muslim Association.
  • He is also the founder chairman of Bangla Supplementary School in Greenwich the Greenwich Welfare Association.
  • Since 2000 he has been acting as a Director of the Consortium of Bengali Associations (CBA)

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